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Hi, bit of a round-about request but I am trying to help my mother who has just sold her recently deceased father's Mercedes 1993. Not sure of exact model.

They disconnected the battery at some point and now the car radio (becker mexico audio model 628) is apparently making a loud white noise and its dashboard is unresponsive.

I've managed to find references to be612 which doesn't seem to have an anti-theft system and then be754 which does have an anti-theft system, but one that apparently can't be unlocked with a code. ( Info from Becker Mexico Model BE 612 )

Could anyone please verify whether the be628 does have anti-theft, and whether it is unlockable with a code, and if not what can they do? She is in South Africa at the moment trying to sort things out, I am in New zealand so don't have direct access to the car.

Help/advice much appreciated!

Cheers, Inso
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