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After checking out my stereo and Beckerauto website I found that The Europa has an input an input for an external tape player. Becker takes that same plug and what it looks likes to me just splices a 3.5mm input to allow for Ipod or Satellite applications. I haven't received and answer from Becker regarding the cost of the cable, but the one on ebay
eBay Motors: BECKER EUROPA STEREO CAR RADIO CD IPOD CONNECTOR CABLE (item 220389570661 end time May-03-09 07:31:55 PDT)

is $80 dollars plus shipping.

I figure I could do this myself with the right connectors. Does anybody know where one would find the Becker stereo connectors or generic connectors for this application? If all else fails I could buy a used Becker tape deck, remove the connector and splice it into a mini jack. I may be missing something here, but to my understanding the Becker Europa tape input is hardwired and it bypasses the tuning circuit so it goes from radio to aux input without switches. The little black box at the end of the connector may be the part I am I not clear on. IF somebody with some technical knowledge of the black box portion where the 3.5 jack is located it would be a great help.

Any help would be great.

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