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Hey Everyone,

I just picked up a 1987 300D Turbo and the deck is dead (model with integrated battery)
trying to figure out what my options are for a deck.

Two things I was considering:

(1) Grabbing another becker that could be swapped in - was trying to figure out what the compatible models were and if there were any that I could integrate ipod use with. I have been reading about the BE1492 on some threads here and the ipod setup via the cd connection, don't think that deck is compatible though.

(2) I would prefer option (1), I would like to maintain the original aesthetic, but was considering the Alpine Halo9 ilx259 (tried to make a link but to prevent spam site wouldn't let). Its a Single DIN unit with a 9 inch touch screen.
Im not sure if this is practical or even doable. If I were going to spoil the interior with something modern I would introduce a screen with carplay. I would appreciate the functionality as this will be my main car for awhile.
I like doing things myself, but I have no experience in this arena.

Does anyone have thoughts on either of these options or something different?
Really looking forward to being in this car and want to try to figure what could work best in this situation.
Any and all advice is appreciated.

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