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Hi all,
In the E convertible -1995 a Becker 1350 S radio / cassette was sometime
a standard fit.
The front of the radio is marked Mercedes special.
For a few years I had swopped this unit with a cd player of different make
with a known output of 4 X 30 W.
The problem was then that it seemed not possible to play loud ,speakers wouldn't cope and system seemed overloaded.
My questions are?
Is there an amplifier some where in the car? Where?
What output does the BE 1350 S have?
It seem almost impossible to upgrade speakers to something better considering the mounting if you would like to keep interior standard?
Rear speakers have original changed polarity compared to front?
The car have 6 speakers in total,with only base in doors.
So if anyone have done some research about my doubts
I'm more then happy to receive info.
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