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Bay Area MB meets have been notorious for not panning out, so let's see some representation!

*copied and pasted from another forum*

We are planing on having a GTG/BBQ at Carlab in Santa Clara on Saturday May 14 from noon to whenever everyone feels like leaving... we havent had a nice GTG for a while so this will be one this year...

we need volunteers to bring some food and supplies for our BBQ... who ever is volunteering to bring bbq stuff please make a list

if you dont kno where carlab is located here is the address >> CarLAB Motorsports - 650 Nuttman St #107 - Santa Clara, CA 95054 - T: 650 641 0194 / 408 718 2986

sorry you guys if the thread doesnt sound complete, but more details will follow as things progress... well hope this will be a good turn out...


updated list of volunteers and attendees:

phattbam: water and soda
ggong5150: baby weber, hot dog buns
xbenzc230kx: charcoal , ice and ice cooler
blakep: hot dogs, condiments
ronnie0738: plates, cups, utensiles, napkins
slam: chips

There will likely be parts for sale from attendees, and a chance to meet with vendors who can provide hookups on parts and installs. Keep a running list going. Hope to see you all there!

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I think I can make it, I'll be staying around that area, I'll bring the lumpia/eggrolls.
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