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I didnt know what to call this topic. anyway. Here it goes: What do the number behind the modelnumber means ? For example: 406.142 and 416.117. I cant figure out what it tells.

Ohh, and what do "Baumuster" mean ?

Thanks In Advance.. [:)]

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Baumuster/Baureihe is German for TYPE. That is the way they identify the different models when ie ordering parts. The numbers behind the first 3 digits indicate various things. It is all part of the unique chassisnumber that tells you what engine, accessories and exterior the car has. There are many different combinations.

The Baumuster (literally, the build model) is the factory designation for a Unimog. The "Model" number (U80, U1350, etc) is the sales designation for a Unimog. There is a one to many relationship from Baumusters to Models; for each Baumuster, there is only one U Number, but for each U Number, there can be several Baumusters.
U numbers are roughly equivalent to the horsepower of the engine. Recent models have an extra 0 at the end.

The 404.111 is the first of the 404 series, which may account for it being so different from other 404s.

Here are some of the models I remember:

404.010 2,2 Liter engine, cabrio
404.011 2,2 Liter engine all metal cabin [:D](like mine)406 type house
404.012 2,8 Liter engine, cabrio
404.013 2,8 Liter engine, all metal cabin [:p]
406.120 Open cabin and "pritsche"
406.121 All metal cabin

The Baumuster number is on the original German papers to help identify the vehicle when approved and taxed for road use.

I belive there is a complete list of the Baumuster numbers on different mogs here:


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