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Today i tried to start my 2011 c300. When i put the key in the headlights came on and the dash lights also. However when i turned the key to the right, i got nothing. No crank, nothing. I dont know any info on current battery as i bought the car used (50k miles). If I guess I would say, the battery has been replaced in 2016. Does this sound like a simple battery issue? Or would the headlights and dash lights not come on if it were the battery? I didnt try anything else as i have another car and was leaving for work.

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Sounds suspiciously like a Crank Position Sensor - Common failing.

You rally need the car scanned.

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Hopefully just the battery or something else simple! (Welcome).

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Since both the headlights and interior lights came on, I'm also not totally convinced this is a battery issue. Probably the easiest thing would be to test the battery to know for sure and then go from there.
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