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Hi all,
I posted a little while back about having battery problems with my 98E300TD. I thought all was well after getting a new battery but unfortunately the problems have returned. Here is a brief synopsis:

-New battery (1-2 months old)
-When I put key in ignition I am getting about 10.1-10.3 Volts.
-After 10-20 seconds, voltage increases to about 11.0 Volts
-As soon as car starts and i give it some gas, voltage hits 13.1 V

-I am getting intermittent battery charge warnings
-The car has started every time but sometimes is a little weak.

also I know that I have at least one glow plug that needs to be replaced (intermittently gp light stays lit, also car rocks pretty good when I start her up in cold weather). I don't think this is related to the battery issues but I'll leave that for smarter people than me :)

Any thoughts as to what is causing this? thank you all for your help!

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What have you done with the alternator?

If the answer is "nothing" then the next step may be to replace the voltage regulator. It comes with new brushes, so it's like 1/2 of a rebuild.

Good luck.

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x2 on new brushes.
Your voltage looks normal, but brushes hanging on last leg can work one minute and fail the other.
Find what GP is bad.
#1 can be replaced in 2 minutes if you don't have it carbon-glued. Others need manifold off.
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