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Battery Replacement Advice

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On my 2013 S550 this morning I was listening to the radio with accessory power turned on and I also adjusted the power seat a few times and all of a sudden the car went dead after about 20 minutes. The car would not start so I jump started it, drove it for about 20 minutes and it seems to start ok now.

1) Does anyone know what the problem might be?
2) Are replacing the batteries in these cars a DIY job or is it a dealership job? I've always changed my own batteries in the past but not on a Mercedes.

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Changing the battery is a diy job. There's only one main battery under the hood and an accessory battery in the driver's dashboard. Take your battery to a parts store and get it load tested before you buy a new one!

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My 2010 S550 has a current draw that won't let it sleep, so battery is dead in a day if I don't drive it. Has been that way for a couple of months. Maybe you have a similar situation.

I think my problem is in the airmatic suspension .

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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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