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Battery removal

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I know this may sound daft but does anyone know how to get the battery out of the 190E. I have been working in Australia for awhile and have come back to a flat battery, so want to remove it to charge and I can't get at the nut on the positive terminal to remove it. Other than that will a jump start do the job?
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Jump start will get you going, let the car run for a while. When I killed my battery and jumped it I did highway driving with no accessories on so the battery could charge. If the car won't start the next time or it starts weak, it's time for a new battery or your charging system needs looked at. I took mine to the sears center and they do a full electrical system diagnostic before they sell you a new battery. It was over 100 bucks, but worth it. I have no worries of it not starting because I have a strong battery now.
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