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Batman Returns

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Aren't there another cars to destroy a beautiful W123 coupe? Ay mare.

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Does it also have the Batman-style headrests? [:D]

I think not, he swapped the front seats. Somebody will get reeeeeeeally mad... but he's already seen it before. [:D]
isacin - 2/22/2005 1:34 PM

Aren't there another cars to destroy a beautiful W123 coupe? Ay mare.

At least it can’t be detected by radar…

…I like the key chain…

...just plain sad.[xx(]
not that i'd ever do it, but the interior actually looks ok.

not so much the color scheme, the two-tone aesthetic is pleasing.

i'd like to see a vintage style one. with plaid seat inserts, the wood trim unpainted(its so rare for real wood these days...why ruin it?!?) and maybe upgrade wheels
OMFG,... another W123 sent early to the grave. Someone should shoot that guy for what he has done. If he wanted rice he should have gotten a Civic!!!
I feel sorry for the guy , he obviuosly put the new bits for the plane on his car.[:D]
Upon closer inspection I feel as if the headlights and bonnet/grille could have worked, but the worst part has got to be (by far) the rear wing & red interior.[B)][B)][B)][xx(]
i have seen that car before...not so beautiful if you ask me! [xx(]
i like modding out my w123, but i try to think of what it could have looked like factory, or at least time era correct...this floors me - and from a design point of view he should look at or go to the book store and pick up some better

however aside from it - in these small pictures the body work for the flares look pretty good, body kit integration works (aside from being on the wrong car),
i have never seen that "tri gauge" set up...

but...the dual exhaust is a bit much - esp with no engine shots...and having gone that far and no changing of the steering wheel and leaving the glove box latch black? left the fresh air slider...shift knob looks pretty out of place along with all of the new "switches"...the carpet texture and pattern are gross, and what is with the wing...

no sir, i dont like it
maybe we should all meet up and trash the guys house together? then steal the car and retore it to its former glory!!
Or part it out--get what you want!

...or what's left of it [:D]
Upon closer inspection, I think the rear quarter window wasn't really a coupe window. In other words, this is actually 4-door sedan converted into a....a.....well I don't know what to say...?

Take a good look and you know what I mean:

then this:

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tiger_biru - 2/23/2005 7:33 PM

I think the rear quarter window wasn't really a coupe window.
That does look very much like a sedan C pillar – will the horror ever end? [:0]


The only thing I like about it is the fat tires. My wrecked sedan had 225-50's on the rear and they look good. I'll be putting those on the other one once I can get another pair for the front.
Yes Tiger, i thought the same the first time i saw that crime, but i couldn't imagine my sedan converted in a two-doors and two-color uggly ¿car?
That's what I thought man.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I must say.
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