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it is called sychronizing or normalizing the windows. most of the time this will happen after the bat is disconnected. if it happened to one window it happened to them all so do what he said. hold the button down and keep holding for a few seconds then hold it up and keep holding after its all the way up that will do it. sunroof the same way. if your seats are not normalized then go all the way foward and all the way back but only is its the full power seats with memory some 203s dont have memory. sometimes the esp/bas light will come on. just turn the wheel all the way to one side then the other a couple times and if it doesnt go out turn the car off then back on and it will be gone. the radio code should be with all your paperwork in the maintenance maunal or owners manual or something. good luck
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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