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I have had on and off BAS / ABS light and central locking gremlins for several years. It was partially solved when I replaced the broken cable terminal ends in Apr 2020.

Battery has 12.7 volts at rest, after being off over night, and charges at 13.7 / 13.9 volts when running, using g a multimeter. I applied a 7.5v solar powered trickle charger Christmas gift to the circuit, this afternoon. When I left for work, 3 hours later, I had no BAS / ABS lights, and central locking worked at 5 mph, or so, and unlocked with my opening the door at work, and when I used the metal key to lock the door.

If my voltages are within norm/spec for at rest and running, is my battery otherwise draining? I have taken a multimeter to all the fuses I know to look for a parasitic drain, but can find no drain, after sitting, turned off, for a couple of hours.


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Scan and post any saved codes.

Some other simple checks
MAF cleaner - use it and re-test.
BLS - when was the last time it was replaced? ===> cheap enough to swap out to test.

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BLS switch replaced 2019 with MB OEM part. No codes showing as pending, nor stored, using my CRP123 OBD II scanner.
With generic OBDII scanner you will not get very far. Need to look at other modules.
Read this thread.
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