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barely..barely passed smog

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1984 380sl...with a never ending 02 light on, my HC count was 121, with a mas allowed being 122, CO was .20 with a max of .77 being allowed, NO was 807 with a max of 1081 allowed, so my hydrocarbon count was at the top, while NO was also high, CO was well within the limits....what should i make of all this? what needs to be checked and replaced? thanks.
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daryn said:
I guess my spelling/typing got away from me "shredder" is what I should have written.
Shredder is the name of the dog in the newest Odor Eater commerical. Why would he get your car?

But seriously when I get the reading as too rich I change out the air filter (or just remove it for the test). As another said, you're not getting enough air.
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