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Baffling Mercedes (E350) Question

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My current ride happens to be a 2013 E350 wagon which I adore. I had to let my most beloved W210 1998 E300D go due to age.
But here is my most baffling question as it actually concerns both cars and probably 99% of Mercedes.

Can anyone explain why, when I move the passenger seat towards the rear or the front, the Headrest goes all the way up? For us not-tall folks
this is beyond annoying! Maybe I just haven't learned but I would love to have someone educate me on how to STOP the dang headrest from
going up! Is there a way to stop this bad behavior?

Any ideas??
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Edit: mine goes down when moving front, and up when going rear. Logical, if you need more space for foot you are tall and headrest goes higher. There something wrong if headrest goes only up

Edit2: why its bother you anyway, since you shouldn't need to chance anything when you store settings in memory, or is 3 memory place not enough?
Like I said it might be something wrong in you seat if it goes always up. I just tested my C219, it does down when moving forward and rises when reversing seat. In the end position of headrest is remained same just depending where seat is.

My W220 otherhand does not move headreast at all, if seat is moved.

So to confirm I must check my W212 how things are there because evidently this feature has been changed.

I never heard that would be disabled, but I can dig my SDS if I find something...

Edit: I believe I found it in C219 settings (CLS is much easier in SDS simulation mode than W212)... "Kopfstützenvoreinstellungen" sound promising... there is also feature for passenfer head rest position if passenger seat not occupied "Nich-Belegt-Stellnung Beifahrerkopfstütze" Those are in developer mode, in normal mode there is one setting called Headrest pre-control, I have no idea what it is.

Edit2: Yes that Headrest-Precontrol is right one. Found it on W212 too and Xentry explains it. It is active by delaut on coutries like USA, JPN, AUS, KOR, SNG, HNK, CHN, persian gulf, not active in rest of the world.

So find an indy who has SDS and they can disable that feature
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