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Baffling Mercedes (E350) Question

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My current ride happens to be a 2013 E350 wagon which I adore. I had to let my most beloved W210 1998 E300D go due to age.
But here is my most baffling question as it actually concerns both cars and probably 99% of Mercedes.

Can anyone explain why, when I move the passenger seat towards the rear or the front, the Headrest goes all the way up? For us not-tall folks
this is beyond annoying! Maybe I just haven't learned but I would love to have someone educate me on how to STOP the dang headrest from
going up! Is there a way to stop this bad behavior?

Any ideas??
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Well, Sir. Thank you.
My experience with Mercedes has been that moving the passenger seat forward or backwards raised the headrest to full height. It is a built-in mistake.
Unless one is Sitting in the passenger seat one does not use the memory buttons move move the seat forward or backwards or to tilt the seatback.
So when I get in to drive the car, if the last passenger had the seat halfway or farther back, then I have to move the seat forward in order to have the Safest
view out the backseat window. And sometimes I also have to tilt the seat back. And the same goes for when I open the passenger door and want more room in the front to
either load something on the floor or work under the dash etc. I push the horizontal seat button to move the seat back and it raises the headrest so that then I have to sit there and
wait while I move the headrest back down. Stupid!
I was just looking for a setting to STOP this bad German behaviour!!!
And if that fails I will take your suggestion and just program in the setting to memory # 3 (never used in any car I have ever known)!!!!!!!
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Wow! Super. I will either find someone or I will do it myself. Thank you so much!!!!
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