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Bad potentiometer in throttlebody?

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If i'm in the wrong section please move topic.
I have an c36 amg -96 with the m104 engine.
Does anyone please upload pictures how to take apart the throttlebody so i'll be able to check the potentionmeter in the throttle body.
I can only move the lever like 1 inches then it goes into limp mode. I have seen people in the forum who's been able to check the potentiometer in the throttlebody so someone should be able to tell me
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would be the same throttle body as any other m104 engine. I can't answer your question but I know it would be the same process as on a 94-95 E320 or C280. look in the w124 and w202 regular sections or just google "m104 throttle body potentiometer"
Already done that like 200 times. cant find what i'm looking for
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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