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500 SEC
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Hi you all. I am new here.From Spain and I need some help.
My 500SEC when I accelerate hard it burn very rich and the fume is black, so I think that something in the fuel injection is wrong.I have also a tube, from the vacum system, that it is not attached in the end
to no place and maybe can cause the problem.
Has anybody a diagram of the vacum system to finding out wher to place that tube.It comes from a piece in
the front of the engine, near the idle regulator.

Thnk you all.

1991 500SEC 50K mi. 1987 560SEC Now 153K mi. 2020
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Hola Alfredo,

These Vacuum Diagrams are for a US car with US emission controls. I hope they are generally helpful to you.

[:)] Good luck! MBL
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