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Bad Fuel?

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Hi guys

I just picked up my car a few days ago and immediately noticed a light rough idle. I took her in today and they checked her up fully, no faults.

The service advisor tells me it's due to bad fuel and added an additive, asked me to drive her a little more and this should go away.

This isn't my first performance sedan, so I know something is not normal here. The car has 40 miles on it since driving her out of the showroom.

My E60 M5 and 997 PDK didn't have this issue. I know the 997 was DFI and my E60 was not. But this is the first time I see this on a brand spanking new car.

Any thoughts?
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Very odd. It is possible and even most likely you have bad fuel. If you dont mind me what octane are you running? What type of additive did they put in and how much?
We are running 95RON ( European Standard rating ). The service advisor did show me the little container of addictive, but I wasn't paying attention and so don't remember what it was exactly.

If this continues, I'm taking her back becuase none of my previous cars idles like this.
Thank you so much for the insight bro.

It was a surprise to me because I have owned these types of cars before and the ECU (DME) adapt to the furl and correct timing accordingly causing loss in performance, but never thought it would affect drivability of the car.

Also, I believe my car is has an EFI engine and not Direct Injection! I also understand that our gas have sulfur content which has not been removed. This causes injectors to block.

My E39 and E60 M5's were good on this gas and performed even better with 97RON. My 2009 997 was DFI and didn't have this issue either.

Confused but hopeful that after a few hundred kilomters, things should smoothen out!
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1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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