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Bad Experience so far with an Authorized Eibach Install Shop

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Went to a place called "1320 Performance" Linden, New Jersey (Eibach
> Authorized Installer)

They installed the springs...and Koni yellow Adjustables

They Switched my front Spring pads from #5' to #3's.

Everything looked great, but when I got the car off the alignment rack one side of the car was way off with camber vs. the other.

The right side was way negative and differed from the left between 0.5 Degrees and 0.7 Degrees

I went back to 1320 and told them that I thought something was wrong and they should look at the car...

They said.."lets wait until you come back for your exhaust....I agreed

Driving home the car started bouncing like I was going over moguls on the ski trail..

> Went to the dealer today..

Dealer indicates:
> "You have (3) Eibach springs installed and one of your rears is still factory"

"Also...The metal inserts are missing from both of your front spring pads...."

> They put all (4) stock springs back on until I could iron this out.
> I have a call into 1320 performance in an effort to get this installed all over again (CORRECTLY)
...without charging me 2x.

Stay Tuned...The installer is "1320 Performance" Linden, New Jersey.
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This post by linh is the way to go. It will save you money. I did it myself using bullsh!t tools in @2.5 hours.
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