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'76 406.145 Doka tug
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Other then trolling the forum to pad my posts count I actually have a tale to tell.

First a little history. After replacing the driver's floor of the cab, the throttle return spring mount was welded on too far back, the old floor was too far gone in that corner to tell, and it was raining at the time. The extra tension led me to find the hand throttle idle stops were worn. So weaker spring for the quick fix.

Much later, ... when fast getting off the accelerator, the weaker spring even started to knock the hand throttle off idle. Soon to fix, but i could still grab at it when the idle was low and keep it from stalling.

Now, near start of my 2 1/4 hour drive to Whistler for the day, coming down a steep hill to a red light in traffic, the near-stall. I catch it later then normal, delayed to get closer to a full stop before reaching over. But wait,... the truck is running like a bag now, the eye-corner sees white smoke at the exaust, and right center i see the oil pressure guage is pegged at zero (and i think i saw the charge light on). I'm at the front at the light in rush hour (late leaving, topic of next post) at a very busy part of the city, so I pull a gear and prepare to crawl onto the side. [V]
The truck goes backwards!, ahha, shutoff the idle, it had kicked over and fired up in reverse rotation. I push the started and it fires up right away, the light is just green and in gear and off!!1! [:D]

It probly would have kept running that way until the bearings siezed, 3 seconds was way too long for my preferences. Oil was real fresh at least. Today the hand throttle got a new set of steps carved in it and a thoughough, but probly not the last idle adjustment.
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