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A lot of good reading and helpful diagnostic info even if you don't have an sds or HHT.
Gives pse component locations,alarm functions,system diagnostics,and much much more.
Be prepared to stay up late reading:thumbsup:
STAR TekInfo
p.s. don't tell anyone:rolleyes:

STI Home
Body And Accessories
Chassis & Drivetrain
Diesel Engines
Info. / Comm.
Climate Control

Model 210

Body and Accessories 1-6
Exterior Lighting (EL)
Combination Control Module (CCM)
Pneumatic System Equipment (PSE)
Central locking (PSE/CL)
Manifold Vacuum Assist (PSE/MVA)
Multi-contour Backrest (PSE/OSB)
Retractable Rear Head Restraints (PSE/RHR)
Remote Trunk Release (PSE/RTR)
Infrared Remote Central Locking (RCL)
Convenience Feature (CF)
Networked Systems (NS) (CAN)
Mirror, Steering Column Adjustment, Heated Mirrors (MSC)
Anti-Theft Alarm (ATA)
Heated Seats (HS)
Electric Seat Adjustment (ESA)
Airbag (AB)
Garage Door Opener (GDO)

Chassis and Drivetrain 1-3
Electronic Automatic Transmission Control (ETC)
Traction System (ABS, ASR, ETS) and Speed-sensitive Power Steering (SPS) as of 06/94
Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Speed-sensitive Power Steering (SPS) as of M.Y. 1996
Brake Assist (BAS)

Engine 104/112/113 1-4
Test and Adjustment Data (all engines)
Test and Adjustment Data (engine specific)
Engine Test, Adjustment
Idle Test, Adjustment
Diagnostic Equipment
Diagnostic Flow Charts
HFM sequential multiport fuel injection/ignition system (HFM-SFI)
Continuous fuel injection system (CFI)
LH sequential multiport fuel injection system (LH-SFI)
Distributor ignition system (DI)
Electronic Accelerator (EA)
Cruise Control/Idle Speed Control (CC/ISC)
Diagnostic Module (DM)
ME sequential multiport fuel injection/ignition system (ME-SFI)

Diesel Engines 606
Test and Adjustment Data
Test and Adjustment Jobs
In-line Fuel Injection (IFI), Engine 606

Instrument Cluster (IC)
Radio (RD)
Antenna Systems (AS)
Loudspeaker System (LS)
CD Changer (CDC)
Parktronic System (PTS)
Signaling Device
Digital Data Bus (D2B)

Climate Control
Air Conditioning (A/C)

96 E-320, 91 190E, various and sundry Euro and American vehicles
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Nice info, Ohlord.
A keeper link.
It does make me realize how overly complex todays cars are.

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