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After 8 years of ownership, I am sad to say that we have finally got rid of our little blue W168.

Sold at 10 years old with only 67,000 miles on the clock, 15,000 of which were added in the last year due to employment changes, it has hopefully gone to family who will burden it less.

I came in from clearing out the car ready for the transfer and told my wife that I'd said to the car, "Don't be scared, you'll be fine with your new owner.." .. I swear my wife nearly cried!! :rolleyes:

So, no more Baby Benz.. what did we buy to replace it?

A 2009 A160 CDi (2 lt T-Diesel), in metallic grey!! Yay!!

Only got 21,000 miles on the clock and feels and runs like it is brand new. According to the computer, in the last three years, it has been used for approx 1100 hrs at an average speed of 12mph.. TWELVE mph!.. It is an ex-motobility car (The UK peeps will know what that is).

So, the Benz is gone, long live the Benz!! :D


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