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B200 Turbo 2007 CVT computer Issues

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We have a B200 Turbo that has just developed CVT computer problems. The dealer wants $7500 to repair it!!
Doing a google search I have discovered that there are a lot of issues with the CVT, in fact so many that I'm surprised that there has not been a recall.
I have just had my C300 AMG recalled for two issues.

Has anyone that has have problems with the CVT found a reasonable source of a new computer?
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Your B has multiple computers on board. ...please explain with more details. MB have always run away when you mention CVT problems...or they are always happy to just change your CVT out for you.

There are now shops that do some repairs to the CVT. ..mostly plastic valve body repairs which tend to crack over time. You should go back and read about the many CVT problems in this's extensive...(Why not fill in your profile ?)
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