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B200 rear washer connector query

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I found my rear washer was not functioning for some reason. Finally tracked it down to the elbow connector that connects (push fit) on to the pump(?) at the tank. Replaced it and tried again and the pressure blew the connector off again. OK so thats the problem. I looked at the elbow connector and it has a crack log it so it will now not clamp on to the outlet.

Looking at the elbow connector, it is not obvious how (or indeed if!) this connector comes off.

Anyone got a fix for this?

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There is a black color Small "U" like clamp that goes over the connection. You plug in the hose in to the "rear wiper", and than you attach a U clamp over it ( it just slides in place)
All of these parts are plastic.
If you are missing this peace the hose will pop off the connection.


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If that fails, try using metal clamps. If they hold a radiator hose...

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