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Hi all,

Endeavoring to recreate your work on an '84 300SD. Told initially it was a B2 band adjustment with out explanation of what the adjustment entails. Thanks to all of you in advance for your thorough descriptions.

I noted that the last post asked about proper measuring. Thought I'd pass along info I find along the way to others in similar situations. PDF has instructions, but keep in mind I have yet to see this IRL myself.



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Hey GOZ,

sorry for not replying earlier. how did the job go? did you manage to get your transmission fully functioning again?

when i did the job last year, i was very fortunate to have come across two very useful pdfs: 1. automatisches getriebe 722.3.pdf
2. TransTech722dot3.pdf(the one that you posted)

A big thanks to all of the forum members who were kind enough to post these useful pdfs.

both pdfs are loaded with useful info for the job, however in the transtech722.3.pdf , i found it almost impossible to measure the b2 brake band travel as depicted on page 5 of the manual. so thats why i thought i'd ask if anyone had a better way of doing so?


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What is the plastic ring called exactly that slides over the B2 Band push pin? and where can i buy it exactly without going to the dealership.
I would exactly purchase the sleeve from the dealer. No need to be afraid to spend your at the dealer for that part.

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Depends how often you really want to get in there. I'd do everything at once since the cost on little bits and pieces like this is minimal.

Wait a minute, your profile lists your car as a W202 so make sure you get the correct parts.

You might want to pose your questions in the W202 section although the drivetrain is almost identical to the W124

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Also i keep hearing that the o ring/spacer is only required for installation is that true or do i actually need it to finish putting it back in?
Here is everything you ever wanted on the 722.3 is here...

You really want to replace the black o-ring and the plastic sleeve. Remember which way your pin came out to as every fraction of Millimeter counts on that pin.

How to Replace Your Oil Cooler Lines

All the best,

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