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B1416 - Intercooler Pump?

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Hey, guys; My 32 is throwing a B1416 code, which is classified as "Hot water coolant circulation pump." Is this the intercooler pump? The pump was just replaced a couple of months ago! Does this mean that it's dying? I haven't really had a problem with the SC disengaging, but I have been having some hesitation/roughness problems the past couple of months.
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All that pump does is pump water through the cabin heater to keep you warm without the engine running.
Actually, I think that pump is always running, not only in REST mode. I think it also help to keep the hot water flow constant, so that it doesn't vary with engine revs. Otherwise you have very little water-flow at idle. Or at least I know that on my 190E it was always running, haven't checked to see if it is the same on the SLK.
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