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B1416 - Intercooler Pump?

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Hey, guys; My 32 is throwing a B1416 code, which is classified as "Hot water coolant circulation pump." Is this the intercooler pump? The pump was just replaced a couple of months ago! Does this mean that it's dying? I haven't really had a problem with the SC disengaging, but I have been having some hesitation/roughness problems the past couple of months.
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Sorry Adam, there are enough people here that can answer your questions, but this was a rough weekend to ask as most here in the States were busy.
Glad that Bazzle in Oz has you covered.

It would appear that the heat recirculation pump has failed, but to say that it would come up as a code seems unusual.

All that pump does is pump water through the cabin heater to keep you warm without the engine running.
Actually, I think that pump is always running, not only in REST mode. I think it also help to keep the hot water flow constant, so that it doesn't vary with engine revs. Otherwise you have very little water-flow at idle. Or at least I know that on my 190E it was always running, haven't checked to see if it is the same on the SLK.
I'm not entirely sure that the pump runs 100% of the time the engine is running, could be though.
Like you I have a 190E, and the only time I noticed a failure of that pump is when the A/C fan would cut out. There is no separate fuse for that pump and the only symptom you might get is the failure of the fan control panel. The car was plenty warm even after long periods of idle.
If it runs all the time, it’s a wonderful bit of engineering. I pulled the old Bosch pump apart after I replaced it, and the machining is first class. My new pump now has an inline fuse to protect the system.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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