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B1416 - Intercooler Pump?

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Hey, guys; My 32 is throwing a B1416 code, which is classified as "Hot water coolant circulation pump." Is this the intercooler pump? The pump was just replaced a couple of months ago! Does this mean that it's dying? I haven't really had a problem with the SC disengaging, but I have been having some hesitation/roughness problems the past couple of months.
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It is the weekend for christ sake and a Mothers day weeked to boot. Linh, for a person who sold his SLK 230 years ago and never did own a 32 I find it funny how you come on here for time to time and it seems just try and pick fights. Is life so booring in Lake Elsinore that you feel compelled to keep coming back. It reminds me of life in the Navy. Once in a very rare while a crew member would transfer and for some strange reason keep coming back to visit. Seems they just could not let go. Let it go.

As far as the SLK32 why would most peeps even bother tuning it. The car was a rocket out of the gate and most owners prefer to keep the car as is. I figured after you were banned for 2 weeks and I think at one point were banned from MB World you would figured out that what information you have to share with others here, and you do have some good ideas, is vastly outweighed by your ego driven rants. Move on or at least buy "Another used MB" and get with the program. Why do you feel so compelled to always go after Bruce and others here. Reminds me of a jilted girl friend who cannot give up the idea that its over. It seems you have the need to fight and have drama in your life. I am sure the CLK and CL forums can benifit from your expierences but you have reduced yourself to an almost comedic reputation. Move on!
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