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B1416 - Intercooler Pump?

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Hey, guys; My 32 is throwing a B1416 code, which is classified as "Hot water coolant circulation pump." Is this the intercooler pump? The pump was just replaced a couple of months ago! Does this mean that it's dying? I haven't really had a problem with the SC disengaging, but I have been having some hesitation/roughness problems the past couple of months.
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Anyone...? Anyone...? Bueller...?
It is the Pump that switches on when you press the "rest" button on the heater panel.

Black thing in the heater retun line to Duo valve.

Aah, ok, so at least it isn't the IC pump again!

I've cleared the code twice so far and it keeps coming back, so I would assume that it needs replacement. What would the failure of this pump affect? Is this a DIY type of repair?
Unacceptable, Bruce; I expect a contingent of experts to be on call to answer any questions I have ;)

No, no problem at all. I just wanted to bump the post so that it didn't get buried. I actually posted the question from my phone while I was getting my own Mother's Day present wrapped ;)
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