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B service

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I'm about 500 Miles from having to get my first scheduled B service on my 2001 ML 430. What does this service exactly consist of and around what cost. I purchased the truck used, I found the MB dealership where the previous owner purchased the truck. He follwed the scheduled maintenece to the letter according to their records. As I was leaving I noticed a price list on the wall and for this type service it said $375 a little high for me but is this standard?



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That cost seems about right. As for the service itself, follow

this link where I posted what's done for both A and B services -
This was taken from my MY02 service manual. I don't think it'll be that much different from your 01, but read it through. BTW, you can get the service manual of your truck online. Go to and sign up in the users area. Then follow the instructions.

Your truck looks nice. But please take off that bra from the front of the truck. Doesn't really fit the look. You can get a clear bug shield that'll do better and not damage your paint like the bra would. There are also smoked ones available and if you really want the smoked look, I have one for sale, CHEAP!!! - took it off my 320 before selling it.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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