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That's a great looking B200!

I really like the numberplate-free front bumpers you chaps enjoy over there.
Yes, I know - not every province, and not even every state, but still.

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Very nice indeed..!!! :thumbsup:

...but now I see that you do not have 16" wheels...but the much nicer Sport Wheels...(not mentioned in your PM to me..)

... so... Please give us the actual tire and complete wheel size here..

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The price is RIGHT..!! pray that all goes well for a long while...It does look very nice...
Thank you! I am pretty excited about the vehicle all together. It drives ridiculously smooth, and doesn't seem to give me any issues aside from that one strange noise..... I will change my fluids and hope that it resolves my issue!
861 - 880 of 912 Posts