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Axle Removal and Lube Question

Got my drivers side axle out fairly easily after loosening and raising the differential. To remove the C clip, I bent the end of a coat hanger (about 1/8" bend), inserted in to clip and jerked it out. Came off real easy and also stayed on the coat hanger wire (did not fly off).

The boots are not as bad as I thought but does have cracks so I'm just going to change it. Flexx boots showed up today with the cone. Astoria advised to immerse boot in warm water b4 pushing thru the cone. I think I'll try hair dryer instead. Might not be able to dry off water later. We'll see.

One question. So, why use grease as replacement lubricant if the axle was lubricated with heavy oil. Probably same as differential oil.

Pics below of axle & also the GSP (annular) axle I bought 2 years ago. Its my backup I guess.

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