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2000 ML320
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I also posted in the ML forum, hope this is OK.

I am designing a carputer for my 2000 ML320 (mp3, video, navigation, etc) and need to get sound from a computer into the MCS(Bose)(A163 820 04 86).

Because the MCS doesn't have auxillary inputs, I was really hoping for a way to tap into one of the auxillary features of the MCS, such as phone, CD, Nav, or cassette player. Has anyone ever heard of this being done?

As far FM modulators, if I have no other option, then so be it; however, I have heard nothing but bad things about them and worse things about cassette adapters.

I know that devices exist for non-mercedes vehicles that fool the HU into playing sound from an attached device, such as mp3 player, such as the Phatbox adapters. Does anyone know of something like this for the ML?

Regretably,I think my only real options are to use an in line FM modulator or remove the MCS. I just wanted to double check with the good folks here to see if this is true. yes/no/other thoughts or recommendations? If so, does anyone have any recommendations on a particular "in line" FM modulator?

Thanks again for the help.

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