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Getting a bit more and more effort (i.e. needing to move it around more) to get the trans in N or R. For instance, when in "D", if I want to put it in "R", I have to move the shifter a littel further forward of the "R" position to get the trans to engage. Ditto with getting it into "N".

Just sloppy bushings or something or is there some kind of adjustment so when I put the shifter in those detents, the trans actually goes into those gears (or Neutral)?

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Easy to replace?
Done this on both cars. Soaking in hot water does help. There's a tool that Kent made that helps too. need to use the OE bushings and not what Kent sells.....his are TOO soft for longevity.

Be glad you don't have a 4Matic because it's way tighter in there. I took off the shift linkage there because it's only one screw and did it that way.

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