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Hey, im new here.
I already bought a c 200 coupe 2018 w205.
I noticed that the audio20 sound system is bad, i had seat leon much much better than the mercedes sound system.
I noticed also that the right front speaker is not working.
I changed both front speaker to match coaxile speakers, it sound much better now but still feel noisy when i turn the volume up and it feel not smooth to the ears !
2 questions :
I want to add an amplifier 4 channels.
Sabwoofer jbl.
It can help improve the sound system?
Second question :
I noticed that the dashboard speaker is not working, and i want to change to feel much the surronded sound, is the dashboard speaker dosnt work cause of a problem or its for others purposes? Since i hear that the purpose of this speaker is for the factory phone that mercedes put !? Could i change the speaker to work with music?
Thank you

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Our C250 had the basic sound system and it seemed quite good. You have obviously been in the sound menu to check the speaker balance and fader.
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