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2001 E320 4Matic
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For all of the people on here saying this can't be done! It doesn't matter if you have the bose, or stock. For the most part it can be done, you just may lose something to gain something. ***You can change the head unit in your car****, IMO becker sucks and it was worth losing the steering wheel controls, which may not be forever PAC switch is working on a MB adaptor to get those back. I have done the following to my E320, one thing at a time.
1. Added subs to the trunk
2. changed the head unit to alpine mp3, didn't like the look
3. switched from alpine(single din) to the kenwood double din dvd, Love the look, almost factory.
4. added nav & tv to the head unit
5. had the rear deck speakers removed, lets the sound from the subs into the cabin. The gas tank blocks the sound.
6. Finally, so I can wake everyone. Took out the no highs no lows Bose speakers, replaced the front doors with mb quarts 5.25's and the back doors with 4" mb quarts.

All this work was done by Audio Extreme in Boardman, Ohio. 1 hour drive from Cleveland, 1 hour drive from pittsburgh. If you need more info, contact me. I will put my system up against any for under 3 grand, mind you the head unit alone retails for $1700.

Sorry for the lenghty post, I just get sick of people saying it can't be done or if you do you have to replace everything.

My 2 cents
The Mayor
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