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Hi All:

I noticed Mercedes Audio 10 CD Alpine Becker Car Radio Player A C CLK E M ML S SL SLK Class in a forum member's profile and pulled up the website. I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with them before.

They seem to be a wonderful bunch who are responding to my e-mails but one can only communicate so well in this format.

They recommend an Alpine MF2910 CD-R as a replacement for my older 02 e430. Is anyone familiar with this radio? I am trying to understand if it has a CD player in the unit itself or if it is expected that I have a CD player wired in the trunk.(I do NOT!)

Also, as I look at the picture of the unit, Alpine CD-R MF2910 radio plays burned CDR I am trying to see if has an accessory jack so I can plug in my Ipod but I can't seem to see one.

One last thing; they say it comes with the tools to pull out the old radio and put in the new one easily. Anyone have any experience with this? I just want to be sure I purchase the correct radio and can install it.

Thanks all!


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your 02 model uses D2B connectivity between head unit and changer. i have
same for my 99 E320. I chucked the Audio-30 and picked up an Audio-10
so that I could hot swap CDs during drives. It also coexists with the OEM
CD changer and you have an option to use or not. It does *not* have MP3
or Ipod jack so I went with 3rd party vendor, using the Kenwood KOS-A200
which I shopped online for about $125. Since the Audio10 has RTS display
(views FM coded title/artist/radio station) the digitized tunes from an MP3
can display title/artist onto the Audio10's display.

I just didn't have time to upgrade the whole sound system right now so
settled for the above set up.

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