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Attention unlike any other!

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It is amazing how much attention a well-maintained W140 S-Class gets compared to other cars (even the ones that are a lot newer!). My ten year old 400SEL gets more attention than my "other" car.

A few days after I bought it (used, last October), the owner of the gym I work out at told me what a nice car I have.

A lot of my colleagues were impressed by the presence of the car and the interior appointments (especially some of the cool features like the vaccum assist doors, and the 3-memory mirror and seat adjustments).

A few days ago, when I was filling up at a gas station, the guy at the counter walked out just to tell me what a nice car I had (and to ask me how old it was, etc.).

Last week I was at a mechanic's shop to get the battery changed (it had become weak since I had not used it much in the winter, and the battery was about 10 years old - OEM battery). The mechanic was impressed with the car, he said he was surprised how good the car was, and how well maintained even the interior was. He also lamented that a lot of Mercedes owners don't take good care of their cars (I saw signs of some of this right in his yard) and wondered why they buy such expensive cars if they can't take good care of it.

Finally, my four year old niece loves the illuminated mirrors in the rear and the leg room (roomy enough for her to stand up on the floor). And my three year old nephew thinks the "big blue car" is cool!

Enough said, I'm sure each of you has heard similar things about your W140 S-Class over the years...
I'm not sure if a new W220 S-Class gets a lot more attention. I would be curious to hear those stories if any of you have heard those....[:)]
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I'll bet that now owning this car, you notice other W140's on the street. You stare at the...

I'll bet that now owning this car, you notice other W140's on the street. You stare at the car and then notice that driver is looking back at your car too
That is true..

That is true. When you own something, you begin to notice others that are similar. However, I must say you don't find too many W140s S-classes everywhere. They still tend to be somewhat exclusive. I like that!
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