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ATTENTION .... Benz4Dirt&Sky !!!

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Hey bud, I just got the lift kit and I'm trying to put it on. Could you please tell me where the riser bolts go ?? Is it where the original bolts that held in the shock/coil went ?? I'm getting frustrated trying to figure it out. Any help you can give me is appreciated.

I cant believe for this ammount of money they cant give you a simple instruction sheet. [:(!]
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Also, do you remember if there was any drilling required ??
I had it installed by my local dealer.

In other words, I have no clue.

And, instructions.....not even in German.

I will grab my camera and see if I can get some info for you...
PLEASE post pics of the rear shock where it mounts up top ... and wherever you see the parts you got from germany. I would GREATLY appreciate it !! Thxs in advance !!
Well that was not productive. I can barely see the shiny part above the mount. I tried to feel around on top, but I can't tell what is up there.

Got some nice pics of the driveway, though.

Email them at ORC. They should be able to help.

Sorry, dude.

As a last resort..

If you are really in a Tim Slagle (service advisor) at MB of El Dorado Hills, CA. He could get one of the guys on the line who did the work.

Tell him you are a friend of Dave Nicholson- the guy with the ML that actually goes offroad...the guy who had you install the lift kit. Tell him that you would bring it in because you hear they are the best, but that you live far, far away....blah...blah....blah...

Make him feel good.

Be armed with specific questions.

Good luck.

I am anxiously awaiting your bigger tire pics!
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MLOffRoad - 3/7/2005 2:53 PM

PLEASE post pics of the rear shock where it mounts up top ... and wherever you see the parts you got from germany. I would GREATLY appreciate it !! Thxs in advance !!
I can't get up under there with the car on the ground. I stuck my camera in every which way I could and got nothing...
Damn .. thanks for trying. I did e-mail ORC about 4 hours ago. But since they are 6 hours ahead of us I dont think I will get a response till tommorow. Thanks again for trying. It really is tight up top .. my hands are all cut up.

Anyways, I'll keep you updated on my progress. [B)]
MLOffroad, while you have the rear suspension dismantled, would you be so kind as to explore alternate shock absorber options for us? Thank you! [8D]

Good luck with the lift and tires!
I've been trying all day to make this thing work ... I'm no moron, I have done plenty of more intense installs. But this is by far the MOST FUCKING ANNOYING AND TIME CONSUMING PIECE OF CRAP THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST DESIGN EVER !! I STRIPPED A BOLT ALREADY AND STILL THIS FUCKING THING WONT GO ON RIGHT !!! I'm SOOOOOOOO pissed right now that I'm going to just sleep on it. I ABSOLUTELY HATE ORC for not sending directions with this $500 piece of crap !!! FOOOOOCKKKKKKK !!!!

*Done venting*

Goodnight ... [:(!]
.....and then MLOffRoad went out and bought a jeep.

Call the guys at MB in El Dorado Hills.

It can't hurt.

Any word from ORC?
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