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Atlanta Area Dealerships for Service

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My service is due in 15 Days on my 2003 CLK55. I live in the Metro Atlanta Area and wanted to know which dealership you think would be best to take it to for service. The one nearest to my house/work is Atlanta Classic Cars. But I don't mind making a trip to the city of Atlanta to get my car done right. The other three dealers are MB of Buckead, MB of South Atlanta and RBM of Atlanta, Inc. Please let me know of any good/bad/mediocre experiences. Thanks!
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Atlanta Classic Cars has the newest facility. I've been to RBM a few times and had very good service. The service at ACC (1 time) was good as well. I've been to Buckhead for parts only. I would go to the closest dealership for service. ACC has internet access, a fantastic boutique for customizations, a golf course and a workout room.

Enjoy !
I've had a very bad experience a number of years back with RBM, when it was on Pharr Road. I won't go into the details, but I do have some good advice.

First, and foremost, ask them for a written estimate of the work. Always add that they must contact you if the actual work will require additional funds BEFORE doing the work!

My misfortune was that RBM did the work, then informed me later ($1500 estimate, but it came to $4500 when I picked up my car).

My best advice is to use Atlanta Classic Cars in Gwinnett. They always do very good work and also give good estimates.

My usual way is to test a dealer with a simple job (A Service), and see how they treat you and stay on track.

My 2 cents worth.
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