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AT-205 re-seal for steering rack leak "up-date"

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AMAZING !!!!... 6 months ago put less than a couple oz's of AT-205 in the reservoir just to top it it off.. Ran it for about a week,.. removed and replace the 205 fluid mix several times (just emptied the reservoir).. And the rack leak stopped completely.. except over Christmas,,..when it never got over 26 degrees F... for several days.. And then it was just a few spots on the driveway.. Since then it's been bone dry again,... ,
Got a rack leak ?? Try some AT-205,.. you got nothing to lose...
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Helpful testimony.
How bad was the rack leak prior to?
It wasn't a complete seal blow out leak, but a pretty decent drip.. I would have to top off the reservoir every two to three weeks.. Had several pancake size wet spots on the driveway constantly..
Here's something that took me back a little,.. When I first pulled the cap the off the res... it was a bit tight.. I'm thinking "Oh no,..the cap rubber has turned to mush"..but much to the contrary.. The cap rubber was hard and firm... dry to the touch.. Closes thing to new rubber that I've seen.. I don't know about having it in your system constantly, but you don't have to.. Just put in a small amount, run it a bit,..get as much of it out as you can without break the lines.. And no more wet spots on the drive... And I can see out my kitchen widow where the wife parks on the concrete drive.. It's bone dry every time she pulls out...
OK, it's only been 6 months,. but still it's been 6 month...
I'll up-date when and if I hit the year mark...
AT-205 is a whole different animal compared to any "stop leak" you can buy at your local parts store..
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