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AT-205 re-seal for steering rack leak "up-date"

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AMAZING !!!!... 6 months ago put less than a couple oz's of AT-205 in the reservoir just to top it it off.. Ran it for about a week,.. removed and replace the 205 fluid mix several times (just emptied the reservoir).. And the rack leak stopped completely.. except over Christmas,,..when it never got over 26 degrees F... for several days.. And then it was just a few spots on the driveway.. Since then it's been bone dry again,... ,
Got a rack leak ?? Try some AT-205,.. you got nothing to lose...
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AT205 is the bomb! I used it to stop the leaks on the banjo bolt lines (ones that go into the rack) on my ML55 and couldn't believe how it eliminated that leak after replacing the crush washer 2/3 times.

I did accidentally add too much to the system on my BMW and nearly killed the pump so for those listening, def. don't overdue it!!
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