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ASR solution

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ASR - Anti slip regulator
It is located on each of the front wheel beside the rotor disc.

Solution (when ASR lights up on your cluster)
1. Try cleaning the sensor on each of the wheels.
2. Check disc pad and the sensor connected to it, make sure the disc pad is still thick enough for safe stopping and that the sensors are still in its right position.
3. Check that the harness (located behind the ASR sensors are not damaged or cut.
This are the possible cause of it to fail.
Unless the sensor is broken or the lines are cut, there is no need to change the harness as it will not help in resolving the problem, it will only make the parts supplier happy and would definitely cut thru your pocket for a needless expenses.

There is a pimp located on the left front wheel well and close to the rear part of the wheelwell, make sure the pump is in order, by testing it with a volt or amphere meter.

i hope this will help a lot of us who has the same problem.

Got this information by first hand, no guessing game I checked out the system thru a star diagnostic and thru the EPC of Benz and did the proceedures by my self with the aide of a pro.
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sorry bret, was not able to take pictures, but it is visible and its the only sensor behind the rotor disc with 2 align bolt around 5 mm. its shape like a cylindrical tube, and has magnetic pulse, try cleaning it before you decide any other repair for that matter. use WD 40 or any penetrating oil, it should do the job, also when the weather or temperature goes up in the atmosphere, this thing ASR tends to light up in the cluster, there is no technical explanation so far. Not even the dealer can tell you so, they will only and always play a guessing game. i have been thru it amny times.

Please give me any feed back you might have known of regarding the ASR problem, every Benz 140 with ASR will sooner or later experience this problem, its one of the cars often defect. Good Luck
I recently had this problem only when applying the breaks. The lights would reset after i turn the car off and back on. Once I applied the brakes the lights would come back on. Thanks to this board I was told to change the brake switch , which i did and solved my problem. what puzzles me is why did I loose my power steering? It did more harm then good if its a safety feature.
Does ASR illumination always resort in 'limp home' mode ?

Not always

but it depends on how many times the fault occurs.. if the system sees a fault..It will flag it by putting the light on...If that fault then occurs more than a predetermined number or times in succession. say for the sake of argument 8 or 10 times.. then the instruction is sent to the ECU to go to limp home, because MB dont want you charging around with faulty brakes or suspension or steering..IF you read the Fault codes .. and clear them ..and the light comes on again .. it will point to the area that the fault occurred in..for your MB teky to get his hands dirty.. And your wallet lightened.....
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