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ASR light but no limp mode????????

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For the past month the ASR light will light up on my '92 500SL (90K). It does not go into limp mode and runs normally. It can happen when moving or sitting at a stoplight. I was told that my car doesn't have the dreaded caster oil wiring harness because its a '92 and the problems started in '93.

Any ideas?
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I know more about the 600SL, however, I'd bet you have similar systems. Check the drivers front wheel speed sensor also check and see if you have a ASR switch integrated into the accelerator pedal. ASR or A$$ Reamer as we 600 pilots call it, has quite a few sensors to gather the decision information. Those are two frequently mentioned. I would still scope out the wiring at your throttle body to make sure. You never know when various materials were sourced. Worth a look !
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