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Artsy truck photos

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I thought this would be kind of a fun thread. Neat old trucks, some mogs...but should have an artistic edge...


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I don’t know…. I ran my pristine Baja Bug through
salt water down in Baja, and it was not good at all.

We were hanging out on a sand spit, and the tide was coming in a little quicker than we had anticipated. We raced along the beach, racing the tide to make it to the mainland before the connection to the spit was submerged.

So, I stayed out of the ocean as much as possible but
I had to cruise through it at places.

The damage was immediate and it took a fair amount of work to get it back to show condition.

The exhaust system, which was evenly coated with
Black VHT paint was turned to red rust in short order,
And the polished aluminum cases and bits were trashed
somewhat as well.

There was no fresh water to hose it off until we got back up to Ensenada, days later, and the damage was already done. If there had been a wash rack at the end of the sand spit, I don’t think it would have made any difference.

I got it back up to snuff, but it took a lot of

For me, Never Again, unless it is life or death.

I always check the map to avoid making that same
sirt of mistake again. If we had delayed much longer,
King Neptune might have claimed our vehicles.
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Looks like they have it surrounded?
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Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Hood

Wheel Tire Vehicle Cloud Sky

Not the most arty photo ever. But the truck itself is art 😉
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