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Artsy truck photos

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I thought this would be kind of a fun thread. Neat old trucks, some mogs...but should have an artistic edge...


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It looks like a Hughes 500 variant. Based on the military
LOACH ( light observation helicopter ), they are pretty small. A classic egg shaped pod with a high tail boom
they hold 4-5 people, depending on the model.
First flight -1963. When I was Vice President of the rescue team, that includes being the’ training officer’.
I invited the head design engineer that developed this
Helicopter to give a chat on the history and features of the
500. It was rare if we flew in one, but it did happen on occasion. The UH 1-N twin Huey was the normal out of county ride, and a lot of Bell Jet Rangers.
The engineer told lots of stories, but this one might have been the best.
Originally unarmed, the army wanted some firepower (Viet Nam theater). They worked on it, and hung a mini-gun
(Gatling) under the nose. They got it up and running and wanted to show it off to the top brass.
So, they set up sets of bleachers out in the desert,
Fort Irwin I think, and set up a bunch of vehicles to strafe.
Armored stuff, soft sided stuff (Jeeps, trucks, etc).
The 500 came in, flying parallel to the bleachers,
And tore stuff up. They came in fast and low and let loose.
On the 3rd pass, all of a sudden, the helicopter, while
Blasting away, made a sudden nose dive into the desert floor and endo-ed it’s way through the vehicles, rolling like a ball.
The crew walked away - the egg stayed in tact, but it was a huge wreck, obviously.
What happened ? It was later determined that it was a ‘million to one’ fluke. One round from the mini-gun
Ricocheted off of one of the armored vehicles and did a perfect 180, entered the cab low, and cut the control cables where they exit the stick.
No pilot control, and it did a nose plant .
It is a beautiful helicopter.
So, they are pretty small, and perspective is only a small factor.
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Operationally, I don’t think the single mini gun under the nose was used much, if at all. They set them up with a pair of mini guns and a pair of rocket pods, on outriggers to each side. Plenty of punch.
They were called ‘little birds’, rather than Loach,
Or Cayuse, which were their given names.

Motor vehicle Aircraft Vehicle Helicopter rotor Helicopter
Sky Vehicle Aircraft Cloud Helicopter rotor
Vehicle Military helicopter Helicopter Rotorcraft Plant
Aircraft Helicopter Rotorcraft Vehicle Military helicopter
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The pilots know that intact is one word, and so do I.
Apple ? Not so much.
Ah, the aerospace industry .
Originally built for the military by Hughes,
The civilian version was the Hughes 500 .
Then, it became a MD (McDonnell Douglas)
Model number, and Currently it is A Boeing Helicopter.
Update, correction. The minigun that was operational in Vietnam on a Loach was hung out of the back door, and was controlled by the pilot. The opposite rear door often had an M-60 for the crew chief / door gunner.
Just two guys.
The full boat twin guns and rockets came later.
You can see how small the ‘killer egg’ is, based on the guys standing next to it.
Jesse shots for Trev.

Cloud Sky Aircraft Military helicopter Vehicle
Poster Font Advertising Motor vehicle Book cover
Aircraft Vehicle Rotorcraft Helicopter Helicopter rotor
Tire Automotive tire Helicopter Aircraft Rotorcraft
Vehicle Aircraft Helicopter Rotorcraft Sky
Vehicle Aircraft Military helicopter Rotorcraft Helicopter
Aircraft Vehicle Motor vehicle Helicopter Rotorcraft
Vehicle Aircraft Sky Helicopter Helicopter rotor
Hat Sleeve Gesture Military person Font
Hat Sun hat Military camouflage Marines Shotgun
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I think Bill Duke (Mac) used (in round count anyway) 'ol painless as much or more in the movie than Jesse (Blain) did, but I'll have to do a rewatch to be sure (any excuse to rewatch that masterpiece)
Heck of a hedge trimmer it was.

The exact same firearm but with a different handle in T2 as well no? I'll have to IMFDB it later.
Plant Military camouflage Military person Military uniform Marines

Thanks for the aeronautical info, I had no idea they were that small, I've only seen the larger ones at air shows, never up close.
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I think you are right. It was the real deal, not a prop gun.

It is not possible for this to be a back pack weapon.
There is a lot going on that is hidden away. The gun is heavy- 85 Lbs.,if I recall, but the weight of the ammo and the power pack is a lot more. You’d need to mount it on a mule, a mule towing a generator.
Hollywood magic.

I designed and had built a paintball minigun for a Powerade commercial. Full Scale Fx built it. They are the best. The barrels rotated and paintballs came flying out at a rapid rate…. But it was a fake. Actually getting paintballs to feed into rotating barrels and fire was out of the question. Well, DARPA might get it to work in a couple of years, but…
I faked it by hiding two automatic paint ball guns inside the structure, with the barrels firing out the center of the gun, mounted near the axle.
That way it was up and firing in a couple of days.
Looking at it, all you saw was rotating barrels and
Paintballs flying.
In the ‘battle’, it ruled, until it was taken out by the
‘Tank’. An armored golf cart that launched a melon sized
Ball of paint out of the barrel.
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And three more mules- two for Ammo. The minigun, in a
Common variant maxes out at 6,000 rounds per minute,
so it is hungry.
Then, fuel for the generator.
While at Pismo this year........

Tire Wheel Car Automotive parking light Land vehicle

Young Asian guy from San Francisco came down to try his new Rivian on the Dunes. He said it worked well with its air suspension but ate battery life. He wanted me to wait for him to pump up his air suspension before I took the photo. Nice car guy that had a G-wagon and actually wanted to wheel his truck. Also mentioned that the "off road" tire package dropped mileage range about 15 percent. We may have had a bit of a Bromance going...... My wife is understanding as was his girlfriend/wife.

Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Automotive tail & brake light Grille
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And this UNIMOG ….
Naw, just a reminder that the Daytona 24 is this weekend.
The effective start of the North American competition season.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive lighting
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Not what you may think. The photo was taken at a 'Dinosaur Park' in Germany.

Wheel Tire Plant Cloud Sky
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