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Thanks Chas! (I was wondering if anybody besides the Hummer haters would come out of the wood work :D).

No problems with the tie-rods, the whole front end has been reworked with heavy duty tie rods, pitman and idler arm supports and after market upper UCA's (also 4.56 gears and front locker).
If GM had made them that way from the factory or had resisted the temptation to market them like they WERE made that way, there probably wouldn't BE so many 'haters' ;) (I can point fingers at a certain British marque once owned by a certain US automaker, or any one of a handful of Japanese companies as others who once marketed like that - so I'm not picking on GM)

Even you, as an owner, have to admit Hummer hate is 90% the fault of that certain type of owner who waves it around like a giant phallus or clogs the trails trying to 'wheel' their worthless stock trucks. I had a whole pack of 'em - shiny paint and everything, not a worthy aftermarket mod among them - damn near run me right off a mountain pass road once. It was like I didn't even exist...

Now, there was this time that a certain hotshot H1 owner tried to follow my 416 through a gnarly series of mudholes... :eek: Talk about instant attitude correction. :thumbsup:
1 - 9 of 1398 Posts