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Hey guys, I signed up just to pass on some news regarding a group buy from Arnott. I am an Audi allroad owner and I have been working with Adam over there to get a group buy put together for us, but he went one step further and issued a 20% off coupon code for ALL products on his site. The code is valid from 12:00 am on November 20th and will expire at 11:59 pm on 11/21.

I figured I would pass on the news to you all in case anyone needs some new parts! If this needs to be moved or reposted elsewhere please feel free to move it or repost it and I apologize in advance if so. Also, please feel free to pass this on to other forums to get the word out.

Anyway, the code is 7YC6-ZG.

Air Suspension Kits, Air Shocks, Suspension Parts, Struts - Arnott Industries

Here is the original thread on quattroworld that I have been posting all of the correspondence in if anyone wants any other info. Thanks in advance! Forums: ARNOTT GROUP BUY DETAILS - 20% OFF - 12 AM NOV 20th - 12 AM NOV 22nd
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