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Armrest Replacement

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I did a search on armrests but didnt come up with anything. I purchased a new armrest and wanted to know if anyone had a DIY on how to replace one for a 1999 ML320 thanks.
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It is just 2 screws. I just did this a couple weeks ago when I swapped out my leather armrest to a burlwood and leather insert one. Took all of 2 minutes.
Thanks LVdell I thought there was more to it. I got the ML55 armrest alot better than the one that comes with the 1999.
pize98 - 3/17/2005 10:49 AM
I got the ML55 armrest alot better than the one that comes with the 1999.
I think that's true for just about everything that comes on the AMG. [:D]
hey pize...where did u purchase the new armrest....i need to get a new one as well aprox 120.00 for the 1998-2001 I believe. Its really nice and the color is charcoal which will match anything. Nice padding too. You got that right about the ML55 bigcat.
heres a picture of the new armrest.


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by the way I'm willing to let anyone here on this forum have my used armrest from a 1999 ML320 color sand for free Just pay for the shipment. If yours is damaged or broken send me a picture at [email protected] and I'll send it over.
Hey pize, why didn't you get that armrest in Java?
He said it would be impossible to match the java. Charcoal goes better. I really got it for the comfort so much better than the stock. Here is a picture of the sand armrest they have available not to close to the java? This is a 1999 plastic interior not like the newer models. Next for me is getting the door panels in leather I have a guy that will do it for me cheap.


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